The Serena Williams Secondary School

Friday, 05 December 2008 05:14

On The 14th of November 2008 Serena Williams, one of the greatest tennis players in the world and Olympic Gold medalist, traveled to Kenya to open a Secondary school. Over 10,000 thousand children and 8,000 thousand adults turned out for this great event. The International Media and Television Networks covered the school opening.  

Kenya, and the whole population there, were obsessed by Serena’s visit to their country and every day it was saturation cover in the press and airwaves. The Minister for Education, the District Commissioner for the area, Member of Parliament, chiefs and leaders, all attended the big event and some Kenyans walked over 70 mile to be there. Serena and members of her family also met with the Prime Minister and the US Ambassador. 

But it was the children’s dancing, songs and poems that excited everyone as different groups paraded in front of the stage and Serena. The songs, dances and speeches went on forever and yet it was not long enough as the celebrations went beyond the expatiations of everyone.

How great it was to observe the children learning and operating the computers. With just a few days training the new students were smart and savvy to take pictures of Serena, download them on to the computers, print and have Serena sign them…..now they had memories of real value! Also it was a pleasure to watch Serena show the students how to access the internet and get on to Serena’s webpage.

Serena was very generous with giving interviews to the International Media and expressed that…..”of all her achievements in her life so far this was by far the greatest”

In addition we received incredible support from Hewlett Packard who supplied the computers, printers, desks, the internet and training, for all this… we are extremely grateful.

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