John Wiley Price School

Friday, 05 December 2008 23:59
We have great pleasure in announcing that the school in honor of one of Texas greatest sons, John Wiley Price, is completed. The school will be registered in January by the Kenyan Department of Education. Teachers will be allocated and the new students will begin their first year of secondary schooling. The fighting spirit of these students will be in the same mode as fighting John Wiley Price himself as they begin the path to change their lives against all the odds.

The village where the school is built the parents struggl to educate their children against the odds of poverty, the essentials of life, where no water is available, no roads, no jobs, no housing and no medical clinics. Here they struggle to learn sitting on rocks for chairs, opening tattered books and writing with twigs on the dirt their letters and numbers.

John Wiley Price ‘s record as a fighter for the underprivileged and for justice is legendary throughout Dallas and the State of Texas. He is the vanguard in the fight for those who are discriminated against in their struggle to be invited to the great table of opportunity.

With this new school we have evened up the odds a little!

We would like to thank Mr. Russell Fish, another Great Son of Texas, for suggesting and sponsoring the construction of the school in John’s honor.
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